FUNDAMENTALS of KAYAKING lesson - Wed Aug 24 6:30pm.


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Paddling is 1/3 the boat & 2/3 paddler skill - A good paddler in a bad boat is better off than a poor paddler in a good boat. A good paddler can make any kayak/canoe go in a straight line.
"...I'm glad you don't know anyting about paddling, for you won't have to unlearn any bad habit." - Guide Wilfred Morrison to a young Herbert Keith. 


Most CLASSES on MOHAWK RIVER at Lock 7 Boat Launch, 1280 Lock 7 Rd, Niskayuna NY 12309 (from Rosendale Rd take Lock 7 Rd to Lock 7 Park, bear left to go to concrete ramp boat launch) or an outdoor pool in Cohoes - call 346-3180 with credit card or stop in to sign up.  More dates will be added throughout the summer.

FUNDAMENTALS OF KAYAKING I (aka Kayaking for Dummies) - 6:30-8pm.  Wed Aug 24; Fri Aug 26; Wed Aug 31.  Learn the basics: getting in & out gracefully, holding the paddle, efficient forward stroke, maneuvering (draws & sweeps), feathered/unfeathered paddle, safety.  A great start for the recreational kayaker.  Good for kids age 8-88.  $55 includes 12'-17' kayak rental, $30 bring your own kayak. 

FUNDAMENTALS OF KAYAKING I & II - 6:30-8pm.  Wed Aug 24 & Thu Aug 25.  A 2 session class.  For touring kayakers who want to kayak over 2 hours (5+ miles) or for those who would like to move on to moving water or sea kayaking.  You will learn the secrets of paddling efficiently - forward, backward, maneuvering, sideways, feathered/unfeathered paddles, plus edging, braces (capsize prevention), sculling draw & more.  The fast route to becoming an intermediate kayaker.  Best for kayaks with cockpit length under 40".   $110 includes 12'-17' kayak rental, $60 bring your own kayak.  Fundamentals of Kayaking II only: $55/$30 - a great refresher for kayakers with some experience.

FUNDAMENTALS OF KAYAKING III - Low & high brace turns, bow rudder, high angle forward stroke, sculling for support, more braces, etc.  Fri Aug 5 6:30-8pm; $30 with own kayak.

KAYAK RESCUE & RECOVERY - 6:30-8pm.  Fri Aug 26.  What to do after a capsize.  Learn how to rescue an overturned companion, empty the kayak & get them back into their kayak + be rescued using a heel-hook re-entry.  Learn the paddle float self-rescue.  $55 incl. kayak rental, $30 bring own kayak.

INTRO TO MOVING WATER - 6:30-8pm, Fri Aug 12.  Learn how to maneuver in currents & get in & out of eddies, get more accustomed to textured water. Prerequisite: high & low braces, using boat tilt on flat water, sweeps & draws (see Fundamentals I & II). $55 incl. kayak, $30 bring own kayak or canoe. Location TBA.

FUNDAMENTALS OF CANOEING - The Art of the single blade - 630-8pm, Fri Aug 26 .  Beginner to advanced.  J-stroke, sweeps, draws, etc.  $55pp w/canoe solo rental, $45pp w.tandem rental, $30pp using own canoe.