Apr 1 - new Adirondack challenge.

Apr 1 - Town of Schroon Lake bans alcoholic beverages.

Mar 30 - MOUNT SNOW skiing. Ski area was closed but it was a nice sunny day with temp rising thru the 40s. Climbed blue trails - 1,600' gain in 2 miles (1.5 hours) - skins stayed in the pack, nowax skis gripped well. Enjoyed lunch & the views from the summit - ice-free Somerset Reservoir below, NY & NH in the distance. Down green trails (50 mins.). Good (up to 3" recent new snow) to excellent (corn) skiing. 4.5 miles, 3.4 hours. On the drive: up to 3" of snow in Woodford, zero in Bennington & Wilmington.

Cold Water Safety.

Mar 27 - SPRITE CREEK canoeing from Stewart Landing next to the dam. Low water level ~3-4' below normal summer levels revealing many rocks - dam-controlled. Some quickwater sections - had to paddle hard thru them going upstream. N shore has camps, S shore undeveloped state land with several campsites. Lily Lake is a widening of the creek with undeveloped shoreline. Canada Lake beach for lunch with good view of Kane Mtn & Camelhump. Ducks, geese, hawks, deer. 8.2 miles, 3.9 hours.

Mar 20 - ARCHER VLY hike. Not a vly, actually a half-mile-long pond. Bushwhacked around the pond - nice, not hard, mostly open woods - lots of flagging seen, I think they might mark a trail in the near future - checked out the 2 primitive campsites. Walked the "non-motorized" trail to the NNE for 1.3 miles & into Adirondack Park where I found unsightly artifacts incl. an old trailer home - the trail is on an old logging/4WD road, not pretty, quite a few icy puddles & has had some recent ATV use. Lake Desolation Road Conservation Easement Tract - map. Just outside the Adirondack Park, 35 miles from APnP. 4.8 miles, 3.6 hours.

Mar 13 - PANTHER MOUNTAIN STREAM bushwhack from a little NE of Point Comfort State Campsite on Piseco Lake. Climbed on W side of a stream that drains the area S of Panther Mtn - little snow here so carried the skis. After gaining over 500' went thru the pass below Echo Cliffs, quite a few boulders here & more snow on N facing areas so the skis went on. Down to the WNW & hit PMS at confluence with another stream that drains the area S of Twin Lakes Mtn - made for a nice lunch spot. Skied SW, never too far from PMS, thru a vly & to a 2nd vly N of Irondequoit Mtn. Headed E climbing gently thru a pass - found a path with an assortment of markers (new axe blazes, cuttings, red paint, tape) that led us back to the road not far from the cars. Had to take the skis off for the final 300' drop to the road due to diminishing snow. A tough but rewarding 4.4 miles, 5.2 hours.

Mar 2 - RENSSELAER PLATEAU COMMUNITY FOREST walk, in Poestenkill. Red & yellow (Moose) trails + logging road. Pleasant woods with lots of ferns. Elevation 1,300'-1,500'. A dusting of snow made it look like November; windy with temp dropping thru the 20s. Quite a few rocks in trails - would need over a foot of snow to ski. 3.6 miles, 1.9 hours. More info.

Feb 29 - MacINTYRE EAST. Rain showers in the morning. Started on Opalescent Road (dirt), soon arriving at gated bridge over the Hudson River. After skiing the icy road for a third of a mile the Opalescent River comes into view on the L. We left the road & followed a good trail that stayed close to the scenic river - flat & easy skiing. Came to the railroad bridge over the river, nice views from here; the trail continued on the other side of the rr but now hillier - intermediate skiing. The trail pulled away from the river & rejoined Opalescent Rd near a camp. Now on conservation-easement land, public access on the road past the camps is unknown -

...lost most of Jan/Feb... hate when that happens!

Feb 28 - Camp Santanoni ski.
Feb 24 - Hannacroix Creek Preserve walk.
Feb 22 - Balm of Gilead Mtn ski/hike; The Vly ski.
Feb 21 - MacIntyre West ski. Doodlebug Trail.
Feb 17 - W Br Sacandaga River, Whitehouse ski; Jimmy Creek snowshoe.
Feb 15 - & Priests Vly ski.
Feb 14 - Aiken Wilderness via Woodford SP ski. -9F at start, -6F at end.
Feb 10 - Savoy SF, MA ski.
Feb 8 - Chub Lake walk, Good Luck area ski.
Feb 7 - Redlouse Lake ski.
Feb 1 - MacIntyre West ski.
Jan 31 - Tirrell Pond ski.
Jan 27 - DeBraine & Trout Lakes ski.
Jan 26 - Foxy Brown Loop, Piseco Airport ski.
Jan 24 - Rockwood SF ski.
Jan 20 - Catamount Trail, MVTA Trails ski, Lndgrove VT.
Jan 18 - North Branch ski.
Jan 17 - BREIA Jackson Hill ski.
Jan 13 - Dry, Dexter & Spectacle Lakes ski.
Jan 11 - Porcupine Lookout, AT in VT hike.
Jan 6 - Kunjamuk Loop & Cave ski.
Jan 5 - DeBraine Lake ski. Huurell Vly trail ski.
Jan 4 - BREIA Egypt Rd ski.
Jan 1 - Rockwood SF ski.

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Nehasane's Page

Ne-ha-sa-ne best translates to "beaver crossing river on a log"

Mar 7 - G LAKE ski from Rt.8, W of Piseco. Very good to excellent skiing on up to 1' of snow softened by 40F temp; skis sunk in 1-3". Unplowed dirt road for over 2 miles (had some light snowmachine & ski use) then short trail to campsite at E end of the lake. Crossed the inlet then continued on a vague old road with lots of blowdown around N side of lake to a campsite. S across the lake & picked up the old road that goes along S side of the lake (less blowdown). Explored the old road E of the lake with a side-trip to the 20' falls on the inlet. Old roads are unmarked & shown on the Piseco Lake USGS map, not shown on the NatGeo map. Elevations varied from 1,750' to 2,200'+ N of Big Marsh Mtn. 9 miles, 5.1 hours.

Mar 9 - PANTHER MOUNTAIN STREAM from Poplar Point Campground on Piseco Lake. Started on T Lake trail, climbing 700' in 1.2 miles (had to zig zag down a lot on way back but stayed upright), some wet spots & rocks. Near junction of the trail & S tributary of Mill stream went off-trail W & SW to PMS. Explored ~1 mile of stream. Good advanced skiing on 1' of snow, less consolidated than 2 days ago (record high temp ~60F), sunk in 6" at times. 6 miles, 5.4 hours.

ROUND LAKE kayaking, from the boat launch on Rt.9. The parking area was open but the actual boat launch was gated - no problem carrying around the gate. Paddled the perimeters of RL & Little Round Lake, also down the outlet, the Anthony Kill, & up the Dwaas Kill ~0.4 miles before stopped by a tree obstruction. Bald eagles (& nest), Canada geese, mallards, wood ducks, mergansers, red-winged blackbirds. Temp rising thru the 50s. Saw several clueless folks in canoe/kayak/boat wearing cotton clothing & not wearing PFDs (NYS law says you must wear a PFD from Nov 1 thru May 1). 6.5 miles, 2.4 hours.

Mar 16 - DWAASKILL NATURE PRESERVE walk. Clifton Park Nature Places. Nice to see what the Dwaaskill looks like well upstream of the confluence with the Anthony Kill. Close to highways - road noise intrudes. 1.1 hours.

Ice-out watch: Peck, West Caroga Lakes ice-free; 13th, Indian, Lewey still mostly ice. Middle & Lower Saranac Lakes losing ice fast.

Mar 21 - OK SLIP FALLS & HUDSON RIVER hike. Hudson Gorge Wilderness. Nice scenic walk thru the new section of trail passing some meadows en route. Can't see the bottom of the falls 200' below from the 2 most common view spots. Trail to the river from the falls viewpoint soon crosses OK Slip Brook near top of falls on a wood footbridge - the trail is very steep & was icy on either side of the brook. The trail stays high & fairly level for a while before starting to drop steeply to the river - lots of switchbacks help ease the grade - loss of 400' in less than a mile from the falls viewpoint. Can not see the falls which is well upstream from the junction of the Hudson & OK Slip Brook. Kettle Mountain rises up on the other side of the river - have skied to Kettle where there is a very good view of the falls. No snow. Map. 8.2 miles, 6 hours.

Mar 23 - IRVING POND hike, near Caroga Lake. Dam removed in 1997, dropping the pond from 134 acres down to 58 acres. This left a lot of exposed shoreline which is very slowly growing in & is very fascinating to walk & explore. Scenic rocky cascading outlet stream. Pond is ice-free. 3.5 miles, 2 hours.

Mar 6 - KANE MOUNTAIN hike. 360 view from firetower. S trail icy with lots of bare spots - microspikes helped greatly. Down via the north trail (yellow) - less bare spots. 2.3 miles, 3.1 hours (spent half that time on top).

GOOD LUCK trailhead ski. A few inches of hardpack snow/ice. Drove a few miles N on Rt.10 & snow cover improved. Lots of sun, temp in mid-30s. Trails to Good Luck & Dry Lakes - some washed-out areas - very good skiing on S facing slopes but N facing slopes were still icy. 3.6 miles, 1.5 hours.

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